We were absolutely thrillled at the level of entertainment DJ Johnny Love and JK Entertainment were able to provide for our 2nd annual KaLiCon Convention. Our LIVE Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre was illuminated with the perfect lighting for this forum and added the perfect ambiance for every moment. Our Halloween Party the following night was elevated to a sheer state of utter enjoyment with a fantastic variety of old school and current playlists. There was something for everyone to enjoy. He had the crowd dancing right up until the party ended. Any future events we hold that require music and lighting, DJ Johnny Love is our guy, hands down!

Dear John, on behalf of the Petrina Brotherhood Association, we would like to thank you for our 60th annual dance a success. Even though we did not have a significantly large turnout your professionalism and you wide selection of music made those that attended excited to dance all night. You even had the young children getting up to dance which was rare to see in the past dances. I knew you were the perfect DJ for our venue and we will definitely be needing your services again for our next annual dance. I recommend you to everyone because I know you give 100 % of yourself when entertaining. Success is not measured by quantity but by quality and our dance was a success thanks to you.
We look forward to seeing you at our next venue.
Sincerest appreciation,
Helen Piliotis

Good afternoon John,

Colin and I wanted to thank you for being the DJ at our wedding a few weeks ago.  Although I wasn’t there the entire night, when I did show up I had a great time.  The music selection was perfect!  Colin and the rest of our guests who did attend the wedding from start to finish have all said the evening was absolutely awesome.  Even without a bride everyone enjoyed a great party.  Both Colin and I are well aware a great DJ who keeps the party going has a huge impact on making the wedding a fun and successful evening (something the guests definitely remember long after the day) so thank you for that J  We also appreciate your flexibility, no one, especially me being such an itinerary, scheduled person could have predicted the night being changed so drastically so again thank you for being on the ball and keeping our guests for feeling the consequences of all the changes that occurred.

I hope you were able to enjoy your meal, avoid the stress of me missing out, and enjoy your evening.

Should we require a DJ or know someone looking for a DJ you come highly recommended by us J

Thanks again,

Amber Austin

Executive Assistant

Rogers Communication Inc.

244 Newkirk Rd, 2nd Floor

Richmond Hill, ON  L4C 3S5