DJ Love (a.k.a. John Kyriakoulias) is from Toronto, Canada with Greek roots.

His major influences are: Ron Nelson (former 1980′s CKLN 88.1 FM Saturday radio show host-who gave him his first radio debut in 1986), Freestyle Artist Stevie B, Kraftwerk, Information Society, Herbie Hancock, George Clinton, Afrika Bambaataa & Soulsonic Force, Run DMC, LL Cool J, Beastie Boys, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five. Most importantly, his mother was a major influence as she always believed in him; even with the large amount of vinyl records that he had in their two bedroom apartment!

During the ’80′s and ’90′s, DJ Love mostly spun and played: Freestyle/Electro, early Rap/Hip-Hop, Reggae, New Wave, House and Euro music. From 2000 and onward, he would play whatever the venue called for and the type of crowd that was present.

In 1983, John became a DJ. He started out by breakdancing but thought that would be a short lived fad. He got to thinking: what is it that makes all of us dance, that would always evolve and never die out and the answer was simple, “Music”. While deciding to become a DJ, he still kept up with dancing to a certain extent, while winning and placing in various competitions. He was a regular on Much Music’s past variety dance show, “Electric Circus”.

The name “DJ Love” originated from a long-time friend of his, Demetri Kiritsis (a.k.a. Baby Gino) because he said it reflected the way he was toward people and life. That name has stuck with him ever since.

John DJ’ed in some of Toronto’s hottest clubs during this time: Spectrum, Club Marquee, Zack’s, Petey Koolay’s, Palazzo’s, Paparazzi, Arizona B Bar & Grill; etc. Thursday night was a live to air broadcast from Zack’s (Scarborough) on CING 107.9 FM (a.k.a. Energy 108).

While doing a gig in Toronto, a long-time friend, Peter “Havana Soul” Reyes of Sigue Entertainment Services invited me to DJ for his company in various clubs within the New Jersey tri-state area and New York City, where he had the pleasure of opening for famous singers Sybil and Paul Lekakis.

He was also a DJ at Club OV’s in Toronto during Tuesday’s Yuk Yuk’s comedy nights where he opened for both famous comics Russell Peters and Kenny Robinson.

He worked very closely with legendary gold album freestyle artist Stevie B for over 15 years in the areas of: production consultation, stage production, soundboard operation, music research/archiving, public relations, liaison between Stevie B and the media/music record labels/other artists, merchandising (both wholesale and retail) while having known Stevie for 25 years.

He published a music newsletter/mini-magazine “Freestyle/Bass Express”. He was also a music columnist for various US independent music magazines in Philadelphia, Bronx and Detroit. He collaborated on track listing and license clearance for 1994 SPG Music’s Toronto dance music CD compilation, “Freestyle Greatest Hits Vol. 3″. He briefly managed dance recording artists J.D.L., Marcello and Dimi. He collaborated on J.D.L.’s past Euro Cup dance track, “Give Me One More Chance”. He also collaborated on Dimi’s past dance track, “Boy, Don’t You Know?” (Partners in Crime Music: 2000).

He was a host and guest speaker for the 1995 Can-Am dance music conference in Toronto, Canada and for some of the past Winter Music Conferences in Miami, Florida during the 1990′s.
He was a presenter and twice an Award winner for the Canadian -Greek Music Awards.

In 2005 -2007, he attended Centennial College (Communications Campus) as a mature student and graduated with top honors from the Recording Arts/Audio Engineering Certificate Program.

He has been a soundboard operator for Rogers Community TV since August 2007. He was the guest host for Rogers Community TV’s Saturday afternoon show, “Swap Shop.” (March 15, 2008)

Radio Station DJ:

  • 1986-1988 CKLN 88.1 FM-Ryerson Polytechnical University.
  • 1987-1988 CSCR 90.5 FM-University of Toronto (Scarborough Campus)
  • Mid 1990′s guest interviewed on both CHIN 100.7FM/1540 AM and on CING 107.9 FM(a.k.a. Energy 108)
  • 2000-2004 RANI 88.1 FMscmo/1430 AM Greek/Canadian Toronto Radio Station
  • 2011-2012 with Rob DJ Xitmint.


  • (12″) Solina – “Hear Me Out There” (Popular Records/EMI, Cat.#POP 4015;1999)
  • (12″) Anslem Douglas-Who Let The Dogs Out (Popular Records/EMI)
  • (CD) Various-Freestyle Frenzy Vol 5(Popular Records/EMI; 2001)
  • (12″) North on 41-You Came (Popular Records/EMI)
  • (CDS) Whigfield- “Much More” (Popular Records/EMI; 2001)
  • (CDS) Arkadia vs. DJ Love & JDL -“Seismos(Earthquake)” (2003 Breakbeat Dance Remix/Radioakropolis Music)
  • (CDS) Louiza vs. DJ Love & JDL-“Talk About Love” (2003 English Dance Remix/RadioAkropolis Music)
  • (CD’S) Johnny Angel vs. DJ Love & JDL- “La Isla Bonita” (2005 Breakbeat Dance Remix/RadioAkropolis Music)

He currently still actively DJ-ing and hosting/MCing at various clubs, DJ-ing private functions and events, doing event promotions and currently working closely with event planners Kali Willows & Pepe G Woodman of Kinderd Productions on future projects.

Bio written by: Donna M Ferrante (formerly of LeFrak-Moelis Records – NYC)